Mafia 2 Multiplayer 0.1b-rc2

Mafia 2 Multiplayer Version 0.1b-rc2 wurde veröffentlicht.

08.03.2013 / Kategorie: release / Tags: 0.1b, update / Quelle:

We're here again with another update release for you.

If you haven't yet seen the change log visit this: topic for details.

You can head over to the new downloads page here: to find all the links you may need.

Don't forget to report any issues to the tracker as that helps us alot! Don't forget to uninstall any older version you have installed (backup your screenshots folder if needed!)

Also don't forget to backup your server scripts if you're replacing files.

Thanks for the wait and we hope to see you in-game! - (the real) Mafia 2 Multiplayer team

Also, quick note: You may see "Connection Problem" errors in the top of your screen, that just means the server has not yet updated to 0.1b-rc2 package.